Sorry for not blogging in a while, this past week I was in Texas for Camp DCC, and didn't really have any spare time to blog anything!
But non the less I am here with pictures and stories!

First off, Camp DCC was amazing!! I am so blessed that I got to go to that and meet the cheerleaders and learn dances from them and also we performed our dances on the field at Cowboys Stadium which is a huge deal!

Second.. There are a couple In-N-Out's in Texas and I got to go to one after many many people (especially Youtubers) saying how great it is and I finally got to eat there and I can confidently say I agree with them! Although the fries could be better, (but I'm kind of picky when it comes to french fries)

Third and final, I got to see two of my best friends from Kindergarden which was so cool! I moved to Colorado about a year after I stopped going to school with them and haven't gotten to see them so I'm really glad I did!

So yeah, that is pretty much my Texas trip! Hope y'all enjoyed the pictures!