10 Facts About Me!

I've noticed here recently that I've been getting some more viewers and you may not know much about me or who I am really. So here I am to share some ten things about myself, and hey maybe you'd like to do the same? 

1. I am a choco-holic. If you stick chocolate (especially cupcakes) in front of me I am going to just devour them. 

2. I'm pretty sure I stopped growing about three years ago. 

3. I've never been to California, but that's one of my main places I want to go to! 

4. Sweet tea is my go-to drink. 

5. My dream job is to be a dance teacher. Specifically teaching hip hop to kids! 

6. I pretty much listen to music all day, and I love finding new music to listen to. 

7. I live in sweats. I sleep in a hoodie and sweatpants, most people don't understand how I can do that since it's so hot in Arkansas and it's also the summer. But if the AC is on I've got to have my sweats! 

8. My dream is to become a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. 

9. Up until recently I wanted my name to be anything else but Ashley. 

10. I love curling my hair, I can't really stand when my hair is straight. 

Okay that's my ten facts, hope you learned a little about me from this!