Late Night Blogging!

Hello all of my lovely readers!
It is currently 1:10 a.m and well... I'm not tired yet!
This is terrible, but my body has gotten such into the habit of going to bed really late that I could get in bed at 11 but not fall asleep until after 2... that's just how it is now.
But besides that, what have y'all been up to?

VBS at my church has been this week and it's been really fun! Different church this year than the years before and it's a little different, there aren't as many kids but by all means it's still as fun!
VBS has always been one of my favorite events of the year, as a kid attending, and then for the past couple of years getting to help out with it.

The kids and leaders really enjoy the hand-motions me and my sister do, and then tonight we did a skit which everyone really enjoyed as well! (I will try to get a picture and show you guys!)
Tomorrow is the last day which is sad because it always seems like these weeks fly by so fast! But we are going to have taco's and popsicles (my personal fav's) for snacks/dinner. Then a movie night afterwards!

Over all I've been having an awesome week, what about you guys?