Happy October 32nd!!

Happy October 32nd!! I don't have any intentions of letting October go just yet, so today there's an extra day added!
I was planning on blogging yesterday, on Halloween. But I really didn't have much time to do so. 
We celebrated my little brothers birthday a day early, since my dad was going out of town today. So we went to the Lego store at the Park Meadows mall, out to lunch, came home, went Trick-or-Treating, then went out to eat at Kona Grill. 

Abby and Austin were the same as they were at the halloween party over the weekend, but I decided to be Waldo. Only a couple people knew who I was though surprisingly. 

These months are flying by soooo quickly! It's practically Christmas season! Which is fine by me, because besides fall, the Christmas season is by far my favorite and seems to last the longest!