Oh boy.
Hair. One thing I never seem to get right.
I'm not a big fan of my natural hair, its this weird medium brown color that really isn't complimenting to me.
I enjoyed my dark hair. but then I wanted something different, so I tried going lighter..... it turned red. Then got highlights, and I liked that too. But now its back to the redish color because its fading.
Now the question is...

Do I want to put more highlights in and keep it light.... Or dye it dark again?

I'm really bad at making these decisions. So if y'all have an opinion on it I'd love your input!(:




  1. i like it light better (: like for me, i have really dark hair and really white skin, and imo i feel like it makes me look more pale then I am. I think its the same for you, and I think you look more rosie and bubbly with light hair (;


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