We all Fall like leaves..

Hello my lovelies!
Fall is coming up, and I love it for many reasons. One of which happens to be the style. You don't have to fully bundle up yet, but its cold enough to where you get to wear scarves and sweaters and boots.
Transitioning your summer pieces into fall is also great as well, pairing them with leggings or scarves and layering is always great!
I love dressing comfy, but also really cute. This summer I've kinda been dressing like a hobo, but I'm going to get back into the swing of dressing classy.
I love pairing dresses, dark tights and a cardigan together, and for winter I put leg warmers with it to keep more of me warm!
The second outfit in the collage I put above is probably my favorite! The scarf is a little big for me personally (i'm just a small person) but the outfit all around is adorable.

What are some of your favorite fall items?(:



  1. my favorite one is the first picture (: I love fall it's my ALL TIME favorite season. It's not freezing but its not incredibly hot either. I like it cuz I have a lot more fall clothes than winter clothes. I love sweaters and boots. And my birthday is in the fall so thats a good reason lol :)
    haha i think you dressed pretty nice this summer lol not quite a hobo lol


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