I Don't Know

I think everyone has these moments.. Days, weeks. Whatever it may be. Where your stuck and really just don't know where to go or what to do.
Well if your in that position we can go through some steps on how to get out of it!
1) Where are you in your life?: Are you happy? If not. Change it. the environment your in, who you hang out. Or in my case, just move (probably not the solution for everyone haha)
2) Write things out: What you want to accomplish in life, what are your dreams, what you see yourself doing in 5 years. If you don't know, you can talk to others and ask them where they might see you. (Now don't take what they say and do that if you don't want to, its just a suggestion of a start)
3) Listen to music and take walks: I've noticed I do my best thinking when I'm on walks while listening to music (i do both because I have to be doing two things at once)

Hopefully these helped you, if you have any questions feel free to ask!(:
Have a lovely day!