Big Cities and More Youtube.

As everyone should know by my last post, I did indeed move.. I didn't tell too many people because I'm lazy and don't always enjoy explaining things haha so all week I've been getting "What You Moved??" texts. YES!
I'm loving it here, I haven't really ever lived in a big city before so its a great experience! Plus, if I ever move somewhere else thats a big city, I'm already used to it.
Today me, my siblings, and grandparents went to Downtown Boulder today and walked around the outdoor mall. It was SO HOT and we didn't seem to find too many clothing stores, but it was pretty fun! It cooled down quiet a bit this evening when me and my mom went out to the grocery store to grab a couple things, which is really nice as well!

I'm pretty obsessed with making vlogs on my Youtube channel. Which I'll link HERE if you would like to check out what me and my family are up to these days!(:
Plus instagram pictures. Yes, I'm one of those hipster photographers who instagrams everything their doing. But its fun! You can follow me at @ashleywilliamz
xoxo Ashley(: