I decided that since I haven't blogged in a couple days, that I would write another post! It's also the last day of June, might as well do something special. - 1. I've kinda been obsessed with finding new blogs to read,(especially photography ones) that inspire me to become better in my photography and the passion I love. Carrying around a camera, or just using my iPhone is still a great way to get little snap shots in throughout the day. - 2. My three siblings and mom are all flying to different places for a week each this summer, I am not. I'm trying to find a fun project to do while they're gone, because well I'm not going to be doing anything!  - 3. Desperation was this week (you can read more about it in the last post) but it was such a great three days, and were really rising up as God's generation! and - 5. Goal of the Week. To do something fun in my room... it's very plain and just needs something to spice it up a bit! So until next time, xo. Ashley