Instagram 5/29/12

So, I'm a little obsessed with instagram... I post pictures on there all the time! But there are a lot of people who don't have instagram, or who don't follow me. (If you want to follow me my username is @ashleywilliamz)


  1. ahhhhh!
    how do you make your blog look like this!?
    i've tried so many times to, but it never works D:

    1. wordpress themes suck when it comes to stuff like this... but its the theme "watermark" and i deleted the background, made it white. with the stuff on the sides, i made the stuff that said "twitter, faceook etc" and the header. ya... i spent a couple hours last night making it the way i wanted it haha

  2. cool! ya cuz my video blog is blogspot, so thank you (: maybe you should show me some time... im a very visual learner lol


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