Hey! My name is Lux, welcome to the blog! 

This has been my place for years to share my love for fashion, beauty, music and travels! It's gotten a good makeover every now and again, but 2019 is the year to give it a little extra love. Since I was a little kid I always loved putting together outfits. I remember even being really young, like 4,5,6 years old and picking out what outfit I wanted to wear the day before and being so proud of it. Well nothings changed. I still try everyday to come up with a new outfit that outshines the last one haha 
Though don't get me wrong, I still have my days where my perfect go to are my black skinny jeans, one of my millions of hoodies and some vans. The main thing is to rock whatever you wear and to be confident in the choice of your outfit. That is my best piece of advice I have to anyone. You can rock whatever it is you decide to put on that day, you just have to be confident in it! 

As well as my day to day, I am a fashion and portrait photographer! You can check out my work here - @luxwilliamz as well as luxwilliams.wixsite.com/photo 
Photography is my passion. It is my art. It is the thing that drives me everyday, and I strive to continually grow and put out work that I think is true to me, and also that other people will enjoy. I love the people I get to work with and the friendships that I've made through doing what I do. It's honestly the best job I could ever ask for. 

I have an self diagnosed addiction to music if you will haha I can't go a day without listening to it and I'm always on the search for new music, finding solid classic artists as well as coming up with playlists. I probably have 50 playlists at this point, so if you want to go listen to some epic music you can go follow my Spotify. 

If you are new here, hello welcome. If you are a frequent reader, welcome back.