twenty of my favorite things.

Hello lovelies!
Yesterday, February eighteenth was one of my favorite days ever because it is my birthday. And yes, I am one of those people who absolutely loves their birthday. All while growing up my mom would plan wonderful birthday parties for us which leaves me with very fond memories of the day. I also proceeded to turn into a seven year old party planner. Picking out color schemes, activities & going to the scrapbook store to pick out paper to make hand made birthday cards. I was a professional clearly haha
Of course growing older, there have been years I haven't really wanted to do anything in particular for my birthday or invite too many people. And that's okay, some years you just don't feel like it.

This year for my twentieth birthday I wanted to spend it with the people who mean most to me. In theatre's there is currently a live recording of the broadway musical Newsies which we went to go see! We saw it live two years ago for my sister, Abby's birthday and it was amazing! It was just as amazing & I loved it even more because I got to see everything up close & movie style!
Then for dinner we went to one of my favorite restaurant's that I loved to eat at when we lived in Colorado which is Mimi's Cafe. Such a lovely place, with a great atmosphere and they play jazz music.. Could it get much better??

For turning twenty and wanting this for memories sake, I'm going to share 20 of my favorite things.
It'll be fun to see if in a few years any of these things change.

1. Music. All kinds. As of lately my love for jazz, blues, funk & rock and roll has grown even stronger.

2. Spending more time with my family. There were a couple years that I didn't spend enough time with them and now we're all each other's best friends.  

3. My dog. She definitely came at a time in my life when I needed a companion like her.

4. Dance. It's been said by almost every dancer, but it's the best sort of therapy. To have a place where you don't have to talk but you can work through all your emotions and everything you're going through is truly amazing.

5. Tea. I've always been an avid tea drinker, but I've been drinking a lot more hot tea lately. SO. GOOD.

6. Jump roping. It's a part of my at home work out routine and I just think it's so much fun! Plus when your stamina builds up and you can jump rope for a significant amount of time makes you really proud of yourself.

7. The new show "This Is Us". Like y'all.... SUCH a good show! If you haven't seen it, please do yourself a favor and go watch it!

8. Not having a specific time when you have to wake up. Especially after a long evening of dancing.

9. Making short films. Helping write, direct and produce them. I used to do things like that when I was younger (we have proof, which is hopefully never going to make it's way to the internet) but I've always loved helping in the creative process of making something to watch.

10. Traveling new places. I have a whole list of places I want to travel to this year, hopefully I get to make it to all of them!

11. Hiking. I don't do it nearly enough, but I love it.

12. Singing. I don't take lessons, nor do I consider myself good. But I do enjoy singing, especially in the car to my favorite songs.

13. Vintage shopping. This will never not be a favorite of mine.

14. Meeting new people. I know I may not seem like it sometimes, but I do enjoy meeting & talking to new people. I just don't always know how to start up the conversation and so sometimes I get nervous and don't know what to say. But I'm working on it (:

15. Gluten free chocolate chip cookies. I just get them from Walmart but whoever came up with those is a genius.

16. Floral things. Clothes, backpacks, quilts, planners, love it all. And most people know it by now haha

17. No makeup days.

18.  The Young Living Essential Oils "Joy" & "Jasmine".

19. Fort Worth, Texas. That place will always be home to me & makes me so happy whenever I get to go visit.

20. Waking up everyday to a life I love. Doing things I love, working towards my goals, spending time with people I love.

with love,
ashley paige