Hello lovelies! Like I mentioned in my post earlier this week, my birthday was this past weekend & it was the best! I wrote all about it in my "twenty of my favorite things" post which you can go check out incase you missed it!
Today I'm sharing mainly pictures from how I decorated our kitchen/main eatery area. Not knowing my family had anything planned for me, I went ahead and decorated the way that I normally would with floral & vintage things. Come to find out, the next morning when I woke up, our game room/other eating area was decorated completely with Spider-Man decorations! It was possibly the best surprise ever! For those who don't know, I absolutely love Spider-Man and to have a Spider-Man themed birthday was just the best!
So to be able to utilize both amazingly decorated rooms, my parents & I had scones and tea for breakfast in the kitchen and later that night when we all got back from birthday festivities we ate cake in the Spider-Man room.

I actually vlogged the whole day which is that video right up there ^^ I also uploaded a vlog documenting the whole last week of me being a teenager, which I thought would be fun. All are on my channel HERE

 with love,
ashley paige