Light Up Every Room

Hello lovelies! I am so in love with today's outfit! Me wearing this outfit today was just strictly for outfit post purposes, but I do have several occasions already in mind that I'm going to wear this. One of which is this next weekend for one of my best friend's wedding!!
I was making my usual rounds through Modcloth's website (as I do every couple of weeks) filling my cart with items I never seem to get around to purchasing. But I saw this and knew I had to have it. Plus, it was on sale! (Still on sale actually, go check it out!!) Sometimes its just one of those signs you know you have to get it. The back of this dress is so pretty & unique. I don't own anything that has cut outs like this, I'm really liking it!
I had also been looking for a dress that was going to match my new burgundy velvet pumps from DSW and it goes PERFECTLY with it! I'm pretty ecstatic about the whole situation if I'm being quiet honest.

One thing I wasn't too happy with was the fact that the past couple of days have been incredibly cold and windy. So I was bracing the cold when I took off my jacket to take some of the photos above. Bring back the 70 degree weather!! I'm ready for spring!!

PURSE - Charming Charlie
JACKET - Love Culture