It's Always You | Contemporary Dance

Hello lovelies!
Every once in a while I will record a dance combination that I learned from a class to share with you all. I was a lot better at it last year and have been more on the slacking side this year with documenting some of my favorite combos that we have done.
This particular one was from contemporary class last night and is one of my all time favorites. It was very much an emotional dance. Shurelle (the choreographer) said, "This dance is to pull out any emotion you're currently feeling... So commit to it."
If I'm going to be completely honest though, I was incredibly happy during this time. But I wanted to commit to how the person in the song was feeling. So I pulled out the actors card and made a character who was going through the situation that the artist was singing. I felt it. It was wonderful and emotional and everything I hoped this would translate to be.

Choreography: Shurelle Wegele
Dancers: Ashley Paige & Abby Williams

with love,
ashley paige