Monday, October 31, 2016

Red's, Bred's & Spider-Man Games

Today's post has a particular red theme which I am totally okay with seeing as red is one of my favorite colors! We celebrated my younger brother, Austin's birthday yesterday (Sunday) since his birthday is actually on Tuesday and we wouldn't have all been able to get together that day for as long. We made our first stop at Steak & Shake which of course was great. Then went to play laser tag, which can I say the place we went to was SO COOL! It was in this huge warehouse and the set itself set up like an abandoned building that was three levels (never made it up to the third level) and there were some old cars around it. The lights were dimmed and sometimes flashing and there was suspenseful & storm music playing in the background which most definitely made me feel super cool and like I was in a movie! So what I'm saying here is that I really want to go back!
And finally after that we went to this super cool 90's arcade that all my siblings minus me had already been to. Pretty much you just pay a $5 entrance fee and you can play any arcade game you want. It just has a start button on the side so that you don't have to use quarters. (How cool??)
I of course ended up finding the Spider-Man game and spent most of my time playing that, which I then stated to my brother that I wanted to buy haha
The arcade also gave us some lollipops on our way out incase you are wondering what it is I'm munchin' on in the outfit pictures!

I hope everyone had a fun & safe weekend as well!

JEANS: American Eagle
BANDANA: Hobby Lobby
WATCH: Kohls

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Jumping For Joy

WHITE SHIRT: DixieLand Collection // JEANS: American Eagle // SHOES: JustFab // WATCH: Kohls

Hey y'all! This is my last look from my shoot with Madison Oliver Photography & I can't get over how much I love all the photos from this shoot! Especially this one with all the bright neutrals! I have to say this is one of my favorite combination of pieces when it comes to a "cute-but-comfy" look.  
One of my favorite photos from this look is for sure what I'm going to call "Jumping For Joy" (the second photo) haha 

I love the contrast of the windows in the background and getting to see some of the things from inside the building but also reflections from the city behind. Such a cool aspect! 

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Black Leather

SHIRT: Target // JACKET: TopShop // JEANS: American Eagle // SHOES: AdidasNEO // HAT: Oakley 

 With autumn slowly but surely making it's way down to the south, it's finally time for me to break out all my leather jackets! One of my favorite fashion accessories for autumn has to be jackets and sweaters, but with the weather being so hot all the time I haven't been able to wear them much lately.
The evening of this shoot was PERFECT weather, which we were so hoping for since it had been super hot every day prior.

I really loved this pairing of a black leather jacket with a black baseball cap! I have a large collection of hats and I think this one pulled the outfit together very nicely.
This is definitely one of those "comfy-but-still-looks-put-together" outfits, and I can already tell I'll be wearing it a lot this autumn!

*Thank you to Madison Oliver Photography for the photos!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Urban City Shoot

I am so so excited to be sharing with you all the photos from my recent photoshoot with Madison Oliver Photography! This is just one of the three outfits we shot, and I'm so pleased with how they turned out! 
We have done a shoot together before & Madison is so lovely to work with! 
Last time we had gone on more a scenic side of the city with the fields and train tracks, and this time we decided to switch it up and do more of an Urban City shoot. 

Jacket: Charlotte Russe 
Pants: American Eagle 
Boots: JustFab