My 19th.

 gotta have the silly pics with the siblings! 
 abby brought me CFA & some of my students at dance made me a card! how sweet! 

Hey y'all! Since my birthday was this past Thursday I thought that I would share some of the photos we took. It was a great day & I'm really glad I got to spend it with my family & also my dance family! 

Abby & I actually vlogged the entire day which is up on our vlog channel so you can watch that here -> ASHLEY'S 19TH BIRTHDAY 

We were all pretty busy on Thursday so we decided to wait until Friday to do some birthday things. We went out to eat at my favorite little tea place and walked around downtown for a bit. Then we went to one of my favorite antique stores & I got a couple of really cute things + an Electric Light Orchestra record! Abby actually got me one for my birthday, but I found another one so I decided to grow my collection some more. I might have also ordered a 3rd one on etsy last night... But it has Strange Magic on it so I couldn't resist!!  

Over all it was a good couple of days and I wanted to say Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday!! 

with love,