Monday, June 29, 2015

fishtails & hendrix

Todays outfit is one of my first that is almost completely thrifted! I posted a video up on my YouTube channel the other day showing some of the things that I found at a thrift store and these are some! I'm so happy I found so many cute pieces that are perfect for summer! 

This Hendrix shirt is one of my new favorites, and the shorts make me feel like I'm going on a summer picnic! 

with love,

Friday, June 26, 2015

Sippin' on Summer

I was so excited today when I opened my mail and saw that my package from Ashton Brye came in today! 

I received two shirts, "Tea Time" & "Berry Picking" and honestly they are the cutest most comfortable southern shirts ever! After I got my first one a couple weeks back, I knew I needed more!   This "Tea Time" one is just too cute to pass up, and I know I'm going to be wearing it a lot! So sorry in advanced if you see me around just wearing my Ashton Brye shirts everyday.... they're adorable I can't help it! 

Be sure to check out their website and be sure to order some shirts or koozies for yourself! (: 

SHIRT: Ashton Brye
SHORTS: Thrifted
SHOES: Vans 

with love,

Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Afternoons + Ashton Brye!

I first found out about Ashton Brye when one of my favorite YouTubers Kelly Diane did a video on them as one of their representatives! 
I've been following them on instagram and the other day won one of their contests and got this super cute "Go With the Flow" shirt! 

I can definitely say I will be purchasing some of their other shirts in the near future, and if you're into cute southern shirts I would recommend going and checking them out! 


SHORTS: Ann Taylor 
SUNGLASSES: Charming Charlie 
SHOES: Kohls 

with love,