Monday, January 20, 2014

beautiful results.

 After many-many weeks I finally used my DSLR to take some pictures tonight while the sun was going down.
I think as a girl and a photographer, if I really am pleased with how my photos that day turned out I am going to say I am in love with them (as you all have witnessed from previous posts over the years)
but really though, I remembered how much I missed taking photos on my camera and seeing the beautiful results that I get.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Life of an iPhone Photographer.

Although I haven't been taking any pictures on my DSLR lately, that hasn't stopped me from taking an obsessive amount of photos on my iPhone. And I do tend to like it better, in the sense of I can take a picture, edit it, and post it places right then.

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you've probably already seen these photos, but if you haven't then here you go! I've been very happy with the quality and look of my photos lately. They're simple, but I think there's something to them that makes me want to stare at them forever. (weird, right?)


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Thursday, January 2, 2014


Happy New Years!! It is officially 2014!
In all honesty, like most of you. I don't feel any different, I woke up the same these past two days the same I did in 2013... but it's the thought that counts, right?
I've never been one for making New Year's Resolutions.. Mainly since I can never keep to them. Like not eating chocolate or not spending as much time on the computer (yeah right?!) haha

I did make a couple though, not necessarily to categorize under "New Year's Resolutions" but more of what I want myself to accomplish and to succeed at this year.

This is my last year as a kid. I want to make the most of it, and also make it a very memorable year.

1. Stay as focused as I can on school. This one is a really hard one for me because I get distracted quiet easily, and want to do as many other things as I can INSTEAD of doing school. Plus I'm homeschooled, so sometimes I'll just go to Walmart and get ice cream or take a nap then realize I just wasted an entire day and am behind on school. (not cool)

2. Practice, Practice, Practice. As I've mentioned in the past months, I am a part of the dance company at my studio. 'DANCE est Joie'. And they go to competitions every year. I have never been to competition before, so I'm a little nervous and also anxious about what will go down. Since I was a kid I've had a fear that I was going to walk onto stage and forget all the choreography I've been learning for months..
The way I see my future playing out also involves a lot of dance. I want to be a dance teacher and also hopefully own a studio for myself one day.

Again. Stay focused, not get distracted so easily.

And last one.
3. Blog more. I tried this last year, and did a semi-decent job. Was kind of slacking as the end of the year came along, but I'm really going to try to blog more this year.
I mentioned last year I was going to try to do some DIY's... yeah I don't think I even did one. (sorry!)

I think that is all for me.. Do you have any New Year's Resolutions? If so what are they? I would love to hear them if you want to leave them in the comments!